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Company Profile

Established in 1995, Uniclass Technology has built a long-term reputation on the cabling market as a company specialized in providing up-to-date network cabling solutions with excellent quality and competitive price. In recent years, we have also actively and successfully joined the growing business in KVM Switches and Remote Server Management solutions. Today, Uniclass Technology has already transformed itself into a highly competitive player in the KVM Switch and remote server management solution market.

Comprehensive KVM Switch Product Range
Driven by a commitment to a total KVM Switch solution for all range of customers, the Uniclass product lines have grown into a rich array of cost-effective computer/server management solutions. Currently, Uniclass has offered the market its PS/2, USB, DVI, Multi-console, Dual monitor KVM Switches and Video Splitters in form factors as diverse as desktop, mini, super mini, slim, super slim and rackmount, providing port capacity of up to 16 ports with optional OSD Menu control. Starting from 2004, we will continue this long-term commitment and roll out our new KVM Switch products for more interface diversities and more functionality support. We have Multi-console Cat5 KVM Switch line for more administrative capacity and also Kripman LE added to the family of IP-based KVM Switches, thus reaching for the goal for a complete solution for modern day high-density server management over LAN/WAN. With these comprehensive product lines, Uniclass can well cater to the needs from real-world computer/server management scenarios either in individual, SOHO, corporate, factory or campus computing environment.

Cat5 Matrix KVM Switches and IP-based KVM Switches for Enterprise-level Server Management
As a fresh yet energetic player in this market, Uniclass recognizes the importance of keeping ahead with the upcoming trend in the latest KVM Switching technology in Cat5 KVM Switch and the IP-based KVM Switch Technology. In Q2, 2003, we debuted Kripman as our first member of this IP-based KVM Switch family, later we offered Kripman Quattro for Quad server port strength. Soon in this year, we will roll out Kripman LE as the newest member of this family for more functionality yet lower costs. The Cat5 KVM Switches is another new line of KVM Switches that offer best advantages in high-density sever management with multi-console capacity. With these promising new revolutionary KVM technologies, we are hoping to provide our customers best products with competitive prices.

Complete Cabling and Accessory Support
For a full support of KVM cabling and networking accessories, Uniclass offers a complete assortment of cables and connectors. On top of these, we also provides state-of-the-art network cabling products such as EC verified CAT5e patch panel, adapters and fiber-optic connectors, etc. Currently, the emergent CAT6 solution is also one of our subjects of interest.

Future Outlook
Uniclass has expected to take a technology-leading role in the KVM switch and remote network management solution market. Our experienced R&D team will be dedicating their know-how and expertise to developing state-of-the-art remote server control/management solution for the coming years. We also perennially reinvest our earnings in R&D and manufacture technologies. The results are highly reliable and high-performance products with advanced functionality and a user-friendly touch. We know there will be more challenges ahead in the future, and we will continue to give the best products to satisfy customer’s new requirements.