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PC Sharing Switches

The PC Sharing Switch series actually comprise a different KVM strain of what we usually call “reverse KVM Switches,” which do the exact opposite of what the orthodox KVM can do. Namely, the reverse KVM switches share one computer among multiple consoles, so that multiple users can access and control a same computer. Furthermore, we even provide a unique combination of this reverse KVM with an orthodox KVM by melding both together – and the result is a PC Sharing KVM switch that not only share but also switch between the public and the private computers. By adding this PC Sharing Switch series to our KVM repertoire, we can make our KVM switching coverage more comprehensive to cater to your special sharing and switching needs.



PC Sharing Switches Overview

  • PC Sharing Switch
Model No.
Product Description
Number of Ports
Number of Console
Console Keyboard Connector
Console Mouse Connector
Console Video Connector
PC Keyboard Connector
PC Mouse Connector
PC Video Connector
Analog Display Resolution
Keyboard & Mouse Emulation
Auto Scan Delay Time
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature
Power type
Safety / Emission
PC Sharing Switch 
2 x PS/2 Female 
2 x PS/2 Female 
2 x VGA HDB15 Female 
Via Video Connector 
Via Video Connector 
VGA HDB15 Female 
2048 x 1536 
1~99 sec 
0 ~ 40°C 
-20 ~ 60°C 
0~90% RH, Non-Condensing 
PS/2 Bus Power 
110 x 74 x 34mm